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OPTIKA microscopes excellence, concerning quality, innovation, competitive prices and customer assistance, reaches the end users through a wide network of national and international distributors.

  • Advanced Biological Microscopes for Students
  • Biological Microscopes for the next Teaching Generation
  • Advanced Biological Microscopes for Teachers
  • Stereomicroscopes for Students
  • Stereomicroscopes for Teachers
  • Advanced Stereomicroscopes for Teachers
  • Entry-level Upright Laboratory Microscopes
  • High quality Upright Laboratory Microscopes
  • High-end Upright Laboratory Microscopes
  • Laboratory Polarising Microscopes
  • Epi-fluorescence Microscopes
  • XDS SERIES - Inverted Biological Microscopes
  • Entry-level Professional Stereomicroscopes
  • Professional Stereozoom Microscopes
  • Laboratory Stereozoom Microscopes
  • Modular Stereozoom Microscopes for Industry
  • Stereozoom Microscope for SMD inspection
  • ACCESSORIES - Illumination and Sample Positioning
  • OPTIGEM - Gemological Stereomicroscopes
  • INDUSTRY SERIES - Metallurgical and measuring Microscopes
  • Biological Digital Microscopes
  • SZM-D - Digital stereozoom microscope
  • VIDEO AND PHOTO APPLICATIONS - Video and Photo Cameras
  • Refractometer and Polarimeter

The models of the B-350 series are equipped, depending on the various models, with two different types of optical system: the standard 160mm one and the infinity corrected system (IOS). In both cases the field diameter of the eyepieces is 20mm.

Microscope stand

Modern and ergonomic, this stand is made of die-cast aluminium.
Coarse and fine focusing (graduation: 0.002mm) with coaxial control knobs.
Adjustable focusing tension and limit stop.


Available in binocular or trinocular version.
The heads are equipped with interpupillary distance control (55-75 mm) as well as with dioptric compensation.
All heads are 360° rotatable and 30° inclined.

  • OPTIKA digital microscopes are the easiest instruments to use in order to catch pictures from a microscope and show them on a pc monitor.
  • In addition, the whole OPTIKA digital series presents a remarkable quality.
  • From educational instruments to laboratory ones, all the microscopes have an excellent basic equipment and a complete “software package” very easy to install
  • Imagine a fluorescence microscope that needs a lamp change every 50.000 hours.
  • Imagine a fluorescence microscope with a cold light source that barely heats up during use.
  • Imagine a fluorescence microscope that can be switched on, used immediately, switched off and then back on again.
  • Imagine a fluorescence microscope that is so safe as to need no protection shield whatsoever, and that can be used by anyone, without any specific precaution.
  • Imagine a fluorescence microscope that can be powered by batteries, as easily as a torchlight.

Imagine a fluorescence microscope that is so sturdy and so compact that it can be used on the field, with any transport problems.
You may think that such an instrument exists in your imagination only. Actually, such microscope is real


Optical system

Infinity corrected system, 45 mm parafocality distance. Field of view 22 mm.


Trinocular: 30° inclined, 360° rotating. Interpupillary
distance: 48 - 75 mm.
Adjustable dioptric compensation.


Wide field EWF10x/22mm, eyeglass-compatible


5 positions, with bidirectional rotation on ball bearings and
click stop.


Long working distance (LWD) infinity corrected (IOS)
planachromatic: 4x/0.10 (working distance 18 mm), phase contrast 10x/0.25 (working distance 10 mm), phase contrast 20x/0.40 (working distance 5.1 mm), 40x/0.60 (working distance 2.6 mm), corrected for 1.2 mm coverglass.

Specimen stage

Size: 250 x 230 mm. Translator with lowered ergonomic coaxial controls. X-Y translation: 119 x 70 mm.
Interchangeable metallic inserts for specimen slides, Petri dishes and flasks.

Focusing system

Macro and micrometric regulation, with coaxial knobs on both sides of the stand.
Adjustable tension.


Long working distance condenser, numerical aperture 0.30, working distance 72 mm.
The condenser can be removed in order to increase the working distance to 150 mm.

Illumination system

X-LED8™ system, with adjustable intensity, filter and phase ring holder and aperture diaphragm

  • Polarized light microscopy provides all the benefits of brightfield microscopy and yet offers a wealth of information, which is simply not available with any other optical microscopy technique, such as refractive indices, birefringence, retardation, extinction angle, pleochroism.
  • Polarized light microscopy is best known for its geological applications – primarily for the study of minerals in rock thin sections, but it can also be used to study many other materials.
  • OPTIKA polarizing microscopes offer a complete system for your laboratory analysis, including polarizer and analyzer filters, Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation, compensator plates, and high-precision rotatable stages.
  • Also available the X-LED illumination system, an high-intensity light source which delivers bright and clear images.

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